Use of the OnTrack® System

This five-part system, along with an extensive exercise program can eliminate PFD. For the maximum results, it is suggested that individuals work with an experienced physical therapist in conjunction with using the OnTrack® System.

Application of the OnTrack® System

Step 1

The OnTrack® System should be applied with the patient sitting at the edge of a chair with the knee in full extension and completely relaxed. Clean the knee area with alcohol. Peel the backing from the self-adhesive patch and apply centered over the patella.

Step 2

Pull the OnTrack® neoprene cuff onto the leg and place over the patella allowing the loop patch to be exposed through the aperture of the neoprene cuff.

Step 3

Make the necessary adjustments by attaching the hook strap to the loop patch. While stabilizing the femur above the knee, pull the straps together moving the kneecap into place, separate the straps behind the knee and secure the tabs to the back of the cuff.

Step 4

Use the puncher (supplied) to put a small hole in the cuff directly over the VMO muscle. Discard the puncher. Install the activator into the hole and lock into position. Activator is to be used ONLY during muscle reeducation exercises.

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